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Welcome to Data Ninja. This is a "playground" site that is used to host my personal Data Science works. This site serves as sketchbooks, goal organizer, and notebooks. I found this is one of the more effective to keep myself committed to the my workplan and goals.


Machine Learning

A machine learning showcase where multiple machine learning techniques are used to support decision making. The showcase in situated in a automobile scenario where the machine learning techniques are used to help car manufacturer 1) to predict the car price of competitors 2) to identify a reasonable price for a new car. To reliably predict the car's price, four different machine learning models based on linear regression, decision tree regression, neural network regression, and decision forest regression. More Details

  • Using Azure Machine Learning Studio to train and host the model
  • Produce prediction of car price in real time
  • Stochastic: Accumulated probability distribution chart is used to show the chance
  • Supported by RESTful API on backend

Python Package: Data Science Utilites (DSX)

The **dsx** package contains a collection of wrapper functions to simplify common operations in data analytics tasks. The core module ds_utils (data science utilities) is designed to work with DataFrame in Pandas to simplify common tasks. More Details

  • Generate metadata of columns in a DataFrame
  • Standardize column names into iPython-friendly names
  • Expand concatenated string in a column into child table
  • Visualize DataFrame object

Modern WindowsApp: VizDesigner Professional

A modern windows app for interactive data exploration. Understand the data by interact with the data through visually intuitive controls. Use powerful queries (e.g. aggregating, groupby, join table, and filter) with simple UI, no programming required. more details

  • Drag-n-drop to create powerful & interactive visualizations
  • Touch-screen ready: use it on tablet, phone, or desktop
  • Load data from CSV or Excel Files
  • Or directly connect to a SQL server
  • Rich collection of charts at your disposal
  • Apply complex query, filter, and calculation with simple clicks
  • Publish and share works with colleagues easily
Download a free copy here

Contact [email protected] for get a free serial key

MVC WebApp: VizDesigner Universal

A web version of VizDesigner. Available 24/7 on any computer any platform for you to use beautiful charts and graphics to tell your story effectively. Create interactive visual reports and share them instantly with your audiences.

  • Create report everywhere, anytime, with any device
  • Publish and share interactive visualizations on web
  • Connect to any remote SQL servers
  • Packed with essential tools for on-the-go tasks
  • Continue the design when full-power windows app when back to desk
  • No complex configuration
Try the designer here
Try the viewer here

ACAVIO: Diagramming Tool with Data Analytics boost

A windows modern-looking windows application that is portable and lightweight. Data can be stored and organized using shapes in a diagram. It supports both well-structured and non-structured information. Enable to query: a [person] who stays in [Queensland] for at least [5 years] and have a connection with [Mr. Governor X]. more details coming soon

  • Intuittive interface: just drag and drag, or clicks
  • Everyone can use graph-based database
  • Encrypted database and transaction
  • Portable, No installation, Just plug-n-play
  • No complex configuration
Download a free copy (Coming Soon)

My PhD Research:

Incorporating Judgment Call in Decisions

This project involves the provision of an analytics platform to empower the general users to leverage the power of machine learning. One of the key value proposition is to allow the users to continuously train and develop machine learning models of their own. User's model is a reflection of a particular user´s accumulated experience, knowledge, heuristic judgment, and personal investment style, allowing the model to intelligently help the users to analyze the data in the way aligned with how the user thinks, and make sense of the situation. more details coming soon

  • Combining both technical and fundamental analysis
  • Chart stock trend with more than 100 technical indicators
  • Build personalised trading strategy
  • Bootstrap trading strategy with machine learning
  • Automatically improve trading strategy over time
  • No programming required

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